What’s Behind Your Freezer?

We use our refrigerators and freezers regularly and depend on them to keep food cold and safe to eat. However, have you ever thought of the damages concealed behind your freezer?

One of the most common issues with freezers is icemaker leaks.  Often, people are unaware of the leak because it occurs behind the freezer.  Leakage can be caused by the refrigerator and icemaker unit not being leveled, or the decay of the tube that connects the water pipe to the refrigerator.  This can lead to water accumulation at the bottom of the freezer, and potentially, water seepage out of the fridge and onto the floor.  If left untreated, it could produce mold and do major damage to your home.

Fortunately, there are ways to check for leakage and avoid major water damage.

  • Buy a water alarm. This device goes behind the refrigerator and activates when water is detected. This alarm can also be placed near the dishwasher, under the kitchen sink, and in other areas that are at risk for water leaks.
  • Use copper tubing to connect the shut-off valve to the refrigerator, instead of a plastic tube. This reduces the chances of water leaks, as plastic tubes are more susceptible to cracks and pinhole leaks than that of copper tubes.  

With these precautions, hopefully you can avoid leakage from your icemaker. If not, Clean Response’s 24/7 service is always willing to help!

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"They brought their industrial-sized dehumidifiers and fans, which minimized the amount of water damage compared to what it could have been."

Zack K., Minneapolis

"Ron Bauer and the whole crew treated me like I was their mom or grandma, like they would want things done for their own family. They even brought me flowers when I moved back in."

Nancy, Minneapolis

"Clean Response quickly assessed the situation...they set a plan in motion that completely took care of the water damage. The damaged walls are now back to new."

Tim, Chaska

"...They definitely knew what they were doing, and once they arrived, I didn't worry about it anymore."

Julie, St. Paul

"They were terrific. Quick on the initial response, extremely good at communicating. "

Penny, Minneapolis

"Our sewer backed up while we were on vacation. Clean Response did the initial clean up and also did the repairs. Carpeting was replaced and also a bathroom vanity. They did an excellent job and I would highly recommend them"

Steve, Edina

Director General