Restoring Your Church!

Churches are a gathering place for members and the public to do good works and worship together. They are a symbol of hope as well as shelter. So when disaster strikes, getting church facilities cleaned up and restored is very important. 

Last year, our head water technician, Nick Nash, worked alongside church staff after their church experienced water damage. The church had hardwood, antique flooring and paneling, which the facilities manager asked us not to remove “due to the historic nature of the building.”  When moisture was detected underneath and behind the wood, we knew it needed to be extracted and dried to avoid water stains, warping and mold.

Nick used a process called ducting, which forced air between each stud to dry moisture behind it without removing any wood. Through this special drying technique, Nick was able to successfully save all of the church’s flooring, paneling and trim.

With Clean Response’s 1-hour, 24 hours a day, seven days a week response time, we can act fast in these situations to restore your church and bring the community back where it belongs!

Like the church Nick worked with, your church may contain historic architecture and religious valuables that hold significant value. Altar linens, vestments and tapestries, books and reliquaries can be damaged by moisture, smoke or fire. If disaster strikes, Clean Response will work tirelessly to restore these pieces through our techniques and resources, but it is important to be proactive in protecting church valuables and the grounds of your church.

Read our following safety tips on how you can plan ahead and avoid disaster:

  1. Make sure the exterior of the church is well maintained. Inspect the grounds to check for landscape or downspout issues, cracks, peeling paint, or frays in the roof. Additionally, inspections of church framework should be conducted to ensure that the mortar joints are not crumbling or eroded. These conditions become gateways for flood or water damage.


  1. For the interior of the church, water pipes should be checked for leaks, cracks or bulging. Churches contain appliances such as drinking fountains, dishwashers and washing machines that can cause large water damage if pipes are in poor condition. Caulking inspections should be done around toilets and sinks to prevent water or steam from going underneath the appliance. Finally, churches should inspect basements, walls and ceilings for cracks or water stains.


  1. Identify hazardous materials within the church. For example, most churches use candles throughout the building. Make sure that candles are away from flammable material such as drapes or furniture, and that all smoke alarms and fire extinguishers are in working condition.

We hope that your church never has to deal with a loss from fire or water damage.  To minimize your chances, Clean Response offers walk-through inspections and knowledge for disaster response planning at your church. If interested, please call us or visit the fire safety and services pages on our website. We are preferred vendors with church-affiliated insurance providers, too!




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"They brought their industrial-sized dehumidifiers and fans, which minimized the amount of water damage compared to what it could have been."

Zack K., Minneapolis

"Ron Bauer and the whole crew treated me like I was their mom or grandma, like they would want things done for their own family. They even brought me flowers when I moved back in."

Nancy, Minneapolis

"Clean Response quickly assessed the situation...they set a plan in motion that completely took care of the water damage. The damaged walls are now back to new."

Tim, Chaska

"...They definitely knew what they were doing, and once they arrived, I didn't worry about it anymore."

Julie, St. Paul

"They were terrific. Quick on the initial response, extremely good at communicating. "

Penny, Minneapolis

"Our sewer backed up while we were on vacation. Clean Response did the initial clean up and also did the repairs. Carpeting was replaced and also a bathroom vanity. They did an excellent job and I would highly recommend them"

Steve, Edina

Director General