Is Your Hotel Ready for Cold Weather?

Frigid temperatures are here. With this seasonal change can come unexpected impacts to your hotel property. In our experience at Clean Response, a cold weather snap is hard on the exterior and interior of hotels — leading to damage. Manage the risks of burst pipes, excess moisture build-up and higher utility bills by doublechecking these areas of your property through the winter months.

  • If your hotel had recent structural maintenance, especially on outside walls or attic areas, inspect these areas to make sure that insulation was properly reinstalled and that all outside access points are properly closed and sealed. We have dealt with burst pipe damage after such maintenance on properties. 
  • Make sure all exterior doors close and lock properly. Hotel guests or staff may not be as careful with this when entering or exiting. Unlatched doors or entrances can impact your heating costs, not to mention building safety. While you’re at it, check any weatherstripping that may need replacement.
  • If you have stairwells on outside walls, make sure they are properly heated and, if they have exterior doors, make sure the doors are properly closed and have seals that are not broken. Again, a cold exterior wall can lead to frozen or burst water pipes.  
  • Clean your laundry dryer vents on a regular basis, both in the public laundry and the staff laundry area. Clogged dryer vents create a major risk for smoke and fire disasters.
  • With more enclosed areas during the winter, excess moisture can create a home for mold and mildew, impacting cleanliness and air quality. Make sure your room showers have properly installed curtains and are properly caulked to prevent hidden and extensive water/mold damage. Make sure room fans are in good working order. Mold growth is not immediately visible, so regular inspections by an abatement specialist can also head off larger expenses for commercial cleaning, carpet replacement and even restoration services.   
  • If your property has slide doors or windows that open, make sure all latches are in good working condition. Inspect windows and doors for moisture or frost, which may indicate air leaks.

Contact Clean Response for any improper moisture or cold issues you are currently dealing with. We offer 24/7 support to dry out properties and inspect for any cold, moisture or mold intrusion. We work with you to discretely handle issues while you continue to serve your guests.

Visit our page on frozen and burst water pipes for more information.

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"They brought their industrial-sized dehumidifiers and fans, which minimized the amount of water damage compared to what it could have been."

Zack K., Minneapolis

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Steve, Edina

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