Home Restored After Broken Pipe Floods Basement

Clean Response Kept Things Drier and Cleaner With Fair Estimates

It seemed like a regular Thursday in May. Then, a pipe broke in the main floor bathroom. Water rushed across hardwood floors in the hallway, into two bedrooms and then down into the newly finished basement of Zack’s Minneapolis home.

Like many people, Zack had never experienced flooding in his house before. So after mopping up the water as much as he could with a shop vacuum, he called his insurance agent. The agent recommended several firms, including Clean Response.

To make an informed decision, Zack looked at reviews online and visited our website. Satisfied at how we compared to other firms, Zack gave us a call. Our 24-hour dispatch answered right away and scheduled a visit.

“They brought their industrial-sized dehumidifiers and fans, which minimized the amount of water damage compared to what it could have been,” Zack says.

After allowing things to dry, we inspected and provided an estimate of repairs based on the overall damage to the home from floors to ceilings. Zack was pleased with the accuracy of the inspection as well as the estimate. “They kept a close eye on the sheetrock to make sure it was not molding before they started new construction. They did a good job of not doing more than they needed to do, but I don’t feel like they did too little. Some things initially that I didn’t see as damaged, they were able to spot as obvious water damage even before they lifted carpet or opened walls and showed me.”

Based on our professionalism and work on the cleaning and drying, Zack went forward with Clean Response to handle demo and re-construction.

Zack’s insurance adjuster had worked with us before, and Zack noted the good working relationship. However, we also advocated for Zack and his family throughout the project. We recommended, for example, that his insurance cover a hotel stay for the family while we stained and sealed the hardwood floors. 

“That’s one thing I really appreciated about them. too. Even if they weren’t done, they cleaned up so it wasn’t a mess in our house. We have a toddler, so it was nice to not have sheetrock dust and other debris around while we were living with the re-construction,” Zack says.

Even though the home was built in 1951, Zack says it’s hard for visitors to tell where the damage happened, even in their basement. The basement was finished about three years ago, but we worked to match carpet and paint as closely as possible.

“From start to finish, I was really happy,” Zack says. “From the people who redid the hardwood to the carpet people to the sheetrock people — and Dave [Garbacz] at Clean Response acted as the general contractor for scheduling and arranging everybody. He was good at staying in contact and letting us know what was going on. Other than living with construction in our house, everything went as smoothly as possible.”

Zack hopes he never has to experience a flood in his home again, but he learned a lot about reducing damage. “As soon as there is the possibility of any kind of damage from flooding, you’ll save a lot of hassle by calling somebody at Clean Response right away,” he says.






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"They brought their industrial-sized dehumidifiers and fans, which minimized the amount of water damage compared to what it could have been."

Zack K., Minneapolis

"Ron Bauer and the whole crew treated me like I was their mom or grandma, like they would want things done for their own family. They even brought me flowers when I moved back in."

Nancy, Minneapolis

"Clean Response quickly assessed the situation...they set a plan in motion that completely took care of the water damage. The damaged walls are now back to new."

Tim, Chaska

"...They definitely knew what they were doing, and once they arrived, I didn't worry about it anymore."

Julie, St. Paul

"They were terrific. Quick on the initial response, extremely good at communicating. "

Penny, Minneapolis

"Our sewer backed up while we were on vacation. Clean Response did the initial clean up and also did the repairs. Carpeting was replaced and also a bathroom vanity. They did an excellent job and I would highly recommend them"

Steve, Edina

Director General