Green Response

Being an environmentally conscious company is something Clean Response cares passionately about.  For this reason, we made the unparalleled decision to become the first restoration company in North America to provide of their services chemical-free.

Our initiative to be “green” is driven by a revolutionary technology that uses water that has been electrically activated to create an all-natural cleaning agent as well as an all-natural disinfectant.

The process of developing EA-H2O begins by mixing regular tap water with a small amount of salt to create a soft water solution.  The solution is then electrically activated by both a positive and negative charge to create two separate products with unique properties: Aversol™ and Ecasol™.  Aversol™ is a highly effective odorless detergent that shares some of the same properties as soapy water, but without the ingredients in soap that leave a residue after cleaning.  Ecasol™ is a powerful disinfectant/sanitizer that uses the same substance as human white blood cells to kill all known microbes, including viruses and fungal spores.  Aversol™ and Ecasol™ can be used on all materials, and are completely safe for use around children and pets.  Furthermore, EA-H2O is produced at our facility in St. Paul, keeping the environmental impact and the costs low both to our customers and to us.