The Truth About Labor Day

As Labor Day approaches and families set off for their last summer weekend, Clean Response wants to reflect on the history of this significant day. We also offer a special thank you to the Clean Response team that continues to work hard on water damage, fire damage and other disasters every day. In the late 1800s […] Read more →

Restoring Your Church!

Churches are a gathering place for members and the public to do good works and worship together. They are a symbol of hope as well as shelter. So when disaster strikes, getting church facilities cleaned up and restored is very important. Last year, our head water technician, Nick Nash, worked alongside church staff after their church […] Read more →

Fire Sprinkler Demo

This month, employee Dale Busch had the opportunity to attend an open house for fire sprinkle and pipe fitters.  As part of the day, the state chapter of the National Fire Sprinkler Association did a live fire sprinkler demonstration in a trailer that Clean Response maintains for them.  The demonstration consisted of two identical rooms […] Read more →

What’s Behind Your Freezer?

We use our refrigerators and freezers regularly and depend on them to keep food cold and safe to eat. However, have you ever thought of the damages concealed behind your freezer?One of the most common issues with freezers is icemaker leaks.  Often, people are unaware of the leak because it occurs behind the freezer.  Leakage […] Read more →

There’s Mold Where?!

It’s that time of year where outside temperatures can get up to 80 degrees, and while we all love this warm weather, our homes can become breeding ground for mold. Our houses can easily acquire mold due to moisture, water leaks, and poor ventilation.  So, it is beneficial to know where mold build-up occurs and […] Read more →

Tips to a Safe and Successful Fourth of July

With the Fourth of July approaching, family and friends gather around for food, festivities, and fun. Along with this, however, comes dangers such as fireworks, sparklers, bonfires, and barbeques.  Clean Response wants to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable, but safe, holiday weekend.When building a bonfire, only use dry material and make sure that all […] Read more →

Summer Has Arrived!

June 21 marks the first day of summer. This means, of course, the weather becomes unpredictable and is constantly changing.  From 90 degrees and humid to showers and thunderstorms, summer is a season of unexpected forecasts.At Clean Response, we want everyone to enjoy their summer, instead of having to worry about home damages resulting from […] Read more →

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