Fight Norovirus Bug With Clean Response

Clean Response is mainly known for our services after fire damage or burst water pipes, but did you know that we’ve also remediated and restored facilities after a major illness outbreak?The common stomach bug known as norovirus is dangerous to work environments because the bacteria can spread through the air and live on surfaces for […] Read more →

Super Bowl Disaster Response

Major events like the Super Bowl can create fun for fans, but concern for emergency response. Police, firefighters and other first responders around Minneapolis are ready for people emergencies, but what about other emergencies?We’ve seen traffic re-routing and security barriers established this week prior to the big game, not to mention as many as 150,000 […] Read more →

Frozen Pipes After Winter Vacation Tips

Like any other Minnesota winter, Minnesotans have to deal with cold days and excess snow.  Many of us leave our cold winter home for the sunny Florida or Phoenix weather. However, while you snowbirds were away, your homes had to deal with unpredictable temperatures and heavy snow. These conditions can cause frozen pipe bursts and […] Read more →

Is Your Hotel Ready for Cold Weather?

Frigid temperatures are here. With this seasonal change can come unexpected impacts to your hotel property. In our experience at Clean Response, a cold weather snap is hard on the exterior and interior of hotels — leading to damage. Manage the risks of burst pipes, excess moisture build-up and higher utility bills by doublechecking these […] Read more →

Contestants awaiting the judge's decision.

Don’t Let a Disaster Disrupt Education at Your School

 Parents depend on schools that provide a safe environment for their children to learn. When disaster strikes, school administrators must mobilize quickly to handle property, people and processes for safety and recovery. Fire drills and other emergency response plans are practiced through the school year, but what about the recovery phase? Weather-related issues, construction mishaps, […] Read more →

Costumes, Candy, and Candles.

Halloween is a holiday filled with trick-or-treating, costumes, and carving pumpkins.  While these festivities are fun for children, Halloween decorations can be fire hazards for your children and home.  With October being fire safety prevention month, Clean Response wants you to be extra cautious when it comes to Halloween and dealing with fires.  Click here […] Read more →

Homeowner Association Disaster Planning

 In West Michigan, area news reported recently that heavy rains in the area have caused a retention pond to overflow and flood several homes in an association community. Residents have been told that the homeowner association is responsible for remediation of the pond or better drainage to stop the flooding.Property managers, association board members and […] Read more →

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