Fire Sprinkler Demo

This month, employee Dale Busch had the opportunity to attend an open house for fire sprinkle and pipe fitters.  As part of the day, the state chapter of the National Fire Sprinkler Association did a live fire sprinkler demonstration in a trailer that Clean Response maintains for them.  The demonstration consisted of two identical rooms containing a couch, drapes, and table, all pieces of furniture common to any home.  One room, however, contained fire sprinklers and the other room did not.  We took some video to illustrate how impactful, and life-saving, fire sprinklers can be.

Click here to watch the video.

As seen in the video, the first demonstration was done on the room containing fire sprinklers.  Within 8 seconds of the fire starting, the sprinklers were activated and began controlling the fire.  Less than a minute later, the fire was extinguished.  The furniture became soaked, but it could all be salvageable. This, unfortunately, could not be said about the furniture in the room without fire sprinklers.

The demonstration without fire sprinklers stresses how quickly a fire can take over a room, and the likelihood of a flashover occurring.  As stated in the fire sprinkler demonstration video, 80 percent of fire deaths occur in the home.  After just two and a half minutes, the fire was put out, but the room had already flashed over in flames and deadly smoke; none of the furniture could be recovered.  For homes without fire sprinklers, furniture and priceless personal belongings are often lost to the galloons of water and wall-breaking equipment used in firefighting as well as smoke and the spread of fire beyond its origin.

It is in your home that you should feel the safest, but unfortunately, home fires can happen to anyone. Clean Response wants to help you be proactive when it comes to fire safety.  We can more easily deal with the minor and salvageable water damages from a fire sprinkler than the immense damages from a fire.

Some of our employees were fortunate enough to sit down with Tom Brace, former State Fire Marshal, to discuss fire sprinklers and how to shed more light on the topic for homeowners.  To read more on our meeting with Tom Brace, click here.

Remember that Clean Response is just a call away, and is always willing to help you with your fire or water damage!

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